Aaron’s Inc.
Keylight® Case Study

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Aaron's Inc. Case Study

The following is an excerpt from the full case study.

How Aaron’s used Keylight to streamline Incident Management

Prior to its investment in the Keylight platform, Aaron’s, Inc. had a reliable process for incident gathering. What it didn’t have was a way to manage the information toward resolution in a secure manner.

The retailer’s Information Assurance team housed incident information on a Sharepoint site. This created two problems. First, Sharepoint didn’t offer a workflow capability that could easily and efficiently assign tasks related to the incident.

Second, the controlling and restricting of information within Sharepoint created security concerns. The company’s incidents included information related to HR issues, HIPAA compliance and potential IT security vulnerabilities; not the kind of data a company wants just anybody to be able to access.

Aaron’s solved these challenges by implementing the Keylight platform from LockPath, and has since found additional uses for the tool.

Enter LockPath

The company’s Information Assurance team investigated a handful of other platforms before settling on Keylight. One candidate was considered too cumbersome to operate and would require too much time and effort to build, manage, and maintain. Another option had so many pre-defined features that Aaron’s would have been forced to alter procedures they had already invested in and had validated just to fit the platform.

What prompted decision makers to choose Keylight was how quickly the platform allowed them to establish vendor assessments and build an incident management program. Aaron’s initially purchased Incident Manager and was using the application within three weeks of installation.

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