Keylight® Case Study

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Jive Case Study

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Going forward, Jive still believes it’s Keylight or nothing.

Imagine you’re an information security manager for an enterprise software company.

Your company has access to sensitive client data; therefore some customers conduct regular on-site audits to ensure that information is safe. Your job is to track the details of those audits, including the date and location, what the auditor reported and how the company addressed any requested changes from the auditor.

You also conduct internal audits to measure compliance with regulations and best practices like ISO 27001, HIPAA, GLBA, SOC II, and others.

While doing all that, you must assess the IT security of your own vendors to ensure your data and your customers’ data are protected as much as possible.

Unfortunately, the primary tools at your disposal are typically spreadsheets and email. As a result, searching for information and results become a time consuming, resource intensive series of manual efforts, like:

  • Searching for documentation when a client follows up months later.
  • Producing reports for those clients showing the actions taken on their issues.
  • Formalizing a risk management process, which necessitates a manually produced risk register with manually produced risk ratings and remediation plans.
  • Assessing which vendors have access to company data, emailing questionnaires, inputting the data into a spreadsheet, and following up with vendors who haven’t returned the questionnaire, assuming you can identify them.

You can do all that and spend days, weeks and months trying to stay ahead of everything moving quickly around you. Or you can do what Jive Software did and accomplish these tasks in a fraction of the time, generate relevant reports for internal and external stakeholders to create visibility and awareness, and demonstrate the maturity of your security program using the Keylight Platform.

As it has done for Jive and many customers, the Keylight Platform helps automate tasks, centralize information for more efficient operations, and provide visibility into the business…

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