Advanced Analytics Engine

LockPath’s Keylight is the first GRC platform to offer true self service and time-based big data analytics.

Advanced-Analytics-EnginePowerful new tools for visualizing your Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) program performance add historical context to your data, enabling a team to focus on what’s important and assess the present state of the organization, plus its key activities. Use this insight to drive your business forward in a manner compliant with policies, relevant regulations and industry standards.

Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
You’re tracking progress now, but do you have the insight to accurately determine efficiency? Quickly identify potential improvements by monitoring progress toward strategic goals or the periodic achievement of operational goals. Since an organization’s departments and business units often gauge success differently, Keylight’s flexible dashboards offer individuals and teams the ability to monitor what matters to them—drawing upon multiple quantitative indicators from process to financial.

Evaluate Key Risk Indicators (KRIs)
The power of KRIs is only truly unleashed when you can see how they change over time. If you are monitoring your risks right now without historical context you are missing part of the picture. Advanced Analytics adds valuable context to the data and generates intelligence by tracking KRIs over time. Go beyond static reports that only give you current status metrics. Advanced Analytics offers a viewpoint into the past, where risk-related data can be associated with other assets and functions over time. Gaining access to the historical metrics can be a critical datapoint for assuring that your organization is maintaining a strong risk posture and even presenting a competitive advantage within your industry. Let the numbers tell you that your risk management is working by seeing a down trend across all your KRIs.

Determine Benchmarks and Monitor Trends
The ability to compare performance over time allows you to determine new benchmarks for future success- whether that’s comparing performance to an industry standard, internal achievements or a competitor. Keylight will automatically notify the investigation and response teams when new aggregate vulnerability records are created. These advanced warnings can also notify managers when Key Risk Indicators are changing and allow them to dedicate additional resources or rearrange work to prevent risk events from being realized.

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