Anonymous Incident Portal

Encourage employee reporting and better manage incident records.

A factory supervisor discovers a safety violation, but doesn’t report it. A mid-level accountant with a major accounting firm identifies multiple irregularities in quarterly financial reports, but says nothing for fear of losing her job. An assistant coach at a major university commits multiple violations over several years before an athlete leaks information.

Ideally, organizations discover issues on their own instead of having them uncovered by the media, a regulator, or an outside investigator. Gathering and/or tracking information regarding violations internally often gives organizations the opportunity to correct them without incident. At the very least, being informed of potential problems, and self-reporting them, gives leaders the ability to minimize reputation risk.


The problem is that no one can fix an unknown issue. Leaders depend on others to report incidents, violations and wrongdoing, and there needs to be proper follow-up once those issues are brought to light.

But how do organizations encourage employees to report what they know, when there’s often great risk to doing so? And what do companies do with that information once it’s been reported?

With LockPath’s Anonymous Incident Portal (AIP), an optional extension offered on our Keylight platform, you can provide your employees, vendors, customers and other stakeholders a secure, anonymous channel to report violations and threats. The Portal can increase stakeholder visibility into these incidents and streamline the remediation process.

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