Audit Manager

Be Ready When Auditors Call

Preparing for a regulatory audit can be daunting. Try to undertake the process manually and you increase the chances of fines and future scrutiny.

Audit Manager, part of the Keylight platform from LockPath, streamlines the effort of identifying auditable entities, conducting audit tasks and communicating audit findings by centralizing all audit activities into one accessible platform.

Simplify Audit Preparation
Internal audit teams can use Audit Manager to track audit requests, internal controls, and the communication between team members and external auditors. Keylight’s integrated workflow functionality and dashboard displays connect departments and sites with one set of data.

LockPath worked with a manufacturer of medical devices to reduce IT audit preparation time by 80 percent, improve the efficiency of security functions and deliver deeper insights through dashboards and results. As a result, it saved at least 10 weeks of employee time that would have been spent managing an audit, reduced billing time, received audit results more quickly and avoided costs that accompany exploited vulnerabilities. Keylight customers often have 50 percent of the audit completed prior to external auditors arriving on site, reducing external auditing time and high-cost billing.

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