Compliance Manager

Centralize policy management—from creation to testing

With Compliance Manager, organizations can manage enterprise-wide policies, procedures, standards, controls, authoritative sources, and other critical compliance documents through an easy-to-use platform. No matter how many sources of regulatory information or how many people and departments must be involved in compliance, this tool can help you integrate and correlate data into a centralized, cohesive system.

Compliance Manager Features

No more using spreadsheets to track compliance
Managing hundreds or even thousands of authority documents across a multi-faceted organization requires more than spreadsheets. Compliance Manager can organize compliance documents by type (e.g., policy, procedure, standard) or by selected business units to make them easy to find, edit, and review. Users can access content from administrator or user-defined portals and share links to documents for real-time collaboration with colleagues. Compliance Manager saved one LockPath client 720 hours of labor in one year and reduced its total number of policies by 20 percent by eliminating redundancy.

Manage multiple regulatory requirements
HIPAA. SOX. PCI DSS. NIST. The list of regulations goes on and on, and most companies have more than one set to comply with. Tackling each one individually can result in redundant workloads that waste valuable time and energy. Compliance Manager helps organizations address multiple compliance activities within a single framework and view compliance in the context of corporate governance and risk management. Keylight’s content library is regularly updated as rules and regulations change, which helps you to maintain up-to-date policies and communicate any changes, improving your ability to prepare for regulatory audits.

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