Incident Manager

Minimize the impact of adverse incidents

Privacy is breached, information is misused, data falls into the wrong hands and violations occur—even at the most security conscious organizations. Companies of all sizes can minimize these incidents and their repercussions by consolidating and centralizing incident data, controlling access to that data and automating the review, approval and resolution process.

With Incident Manager, part of the Keylight GRC platform from LockPath, you can streamline the process of identifying incidents, building reports, assigning tasks, monitoring activities and resolving issues.


Quickly address and solve incidents
Automating the investigation process helps organizations relate incidents to internal and third-party policies, risks, and business continuity plans. This allows users to proactively close the incident in a timely fashion, thus minimizing the effects of the incident. Using Incident Manager also provides an audit trail detailing the who, what, when, where and how in order to satisfy regulators and outside investigators. These complex requirements are difficult if not impossible to fulfill using manual processes.

Today’s incidents can prevent tomorrow’s crisis
Incident Manager helps organizations learn from negative events and work to prevent them from re-occurring. Storing detailed records of incidents allows you to spot trends and minimize future risks. Cross-referencing incidents to other data stored in Keylight could lead you to create new policies or reinforce existing ones, update business continuity plans, or take other actions to help prevent similar incidents in the future.

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