Risk Manager

Take the uncertainty out of risk management

Risk is everywhere. It hides in your IT systems, lurks in your operations, attaches itself to your vendors and business partners, and hovers outside your entire enterprise. The sheer volume of risks can overwhelm organizations. Lose sight of certain risks or prioritize the wrong ones and those risks evolve into major problems.

Risk Manager, part of the Keylight platform from LockPath, organizes your enterprise risk management program by centralizing the documentation, scoring, prioritization and remediation of all types of risks.


Gain valuable insights into your business
Risk Manager provides the capability to score your risk across an enterprise, no matter how large, complex or spread out it may be. Keylight’s patented Dynamic Content Framework™ allows you to build any risk analysis methodology (i.e. DREAD, STRIDE, OCTAVE, or a custom system) and perform calculations and present heat maps. Your company’s risk score can include IT risks, vendor risks, and external risks. Plus, you can score the risk of policy exceptions.

Improve your audit readiness
Risk Manager gives you a centralized location to collect information from the people across the organization who most closely monitor certain assets and processes. It includes a built-in mechanism for capturing, analyzing and tracking various exceptions to compliance policies throughout the organization. And Risk Manager facilitates easy reporting of risk assessments and remediation. Risk Manager helped one LockPath client reduce the time to gather and report risk assessment data by 80 percent, resulting in a savings of 800 hours of annual labor.

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