Security Manager

Bring order to the chaos of IT security

Every day, thousands of new IT threats emerge. A deluge of data floods into your system warning of potential vulnerabilities on your ever-expanding IT asset base with no way to prioritize those threats. Company personnel work nonstop to comply with ever-changing regulations. Everybody from the board of directors to your customers wants to know how you’re addressing IT security.

The daunting task of IT security can be simplified using Security Manager, part of the Keylight GRC platform from LockPath.


Organize your IT security
Security Manager provides a ready-to-use toolset that unifies and correlates any amount of security content from MSSPs, data governance and network security systems, IT management systems and content feeds. It provides the ability to create a comprehensive IT asset profile, immediately view historical threat information, and track regulatory obligations by device.

Reduce your IT security workload
Security Manager helped one LockPath client achieve a 70 percent reduction in time spent communicating IT security data and a 60 percent reduction in time spent implementing and auditing overlapping regulations. The client saved 800 hours a year total on IT security management.

See an auditable history of all IT security activities
Security Manager allows you to instantly see and report on today’s vulnerabilities as well as past threats and how they were handled. Configurable dashboards offer a custom view of data, such as by device type, geographic region, facility or severity.

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