The Keylight® Platform
for Financial Services

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Keylight Platform for Financial Services

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Systematize Compliance Processes and Be Audit-Ready with the Keylight Platform

Financial services companies have historically used a silo-based approach to compliance, risk management and IT security; with each group or department focused on specific risks or guidelines.
Today this approach no longer works. Regulatory requirements, operational risks and cyber-threats are now entwined and more complex.

The LockPath® Keylight® Platform is an enterprise-wide governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) platform that facilitates a unified approach by:

  • Integrating operational, vendor and security risk assessments with appropriate compliance activities
  • Systematizing compliance processes to eliminate redundancies and decrease risk of human error
  • Enhancing process maturity by establishing standard, repeatable procedures
  • Providing management with visibility into the overall risk posture to identify trends before they become issues
  • Decreasing audit preparation and execution time

Use the Keylight Platform to make compliance a proactive endeavor!

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