The Keylight® Platform
for the Healthcare Sector

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Data Sheet

The following is an excerpt from the full data sheet.

Now more than ever, companies in the healthcare sector face multiple and potentially disruptive challenges that necessitate an automated, standardized approach to compliance, risk and audit management.

Think about every rule and regulation imposed on the healthcare industry.

Now try to count every risk companies in this industry face and the impact on their business strategies.

Consider all the internal and external threats that could disrupt operations, jeopardize patient information, hurt an organization’s reputation and/or impact a company’s bottom line.

Contemplate all the incidents your employees disclose, the internal and external audits you undergo, and the third parties you must track.

Think about how often these forces change and the time, money, and manpower it takes to manage and update this information.

Now imagine a platform that helps make sense of it all.

If you’re like most healthcare organizations, your methods for compliance, risk, and audit management involve manual processes performed by separate departments that rarely share information. You may also rely too heavily on tools — spreadsheets, file-sharing websites, email — that were not designed to manage risk and compliance.

At a minimum, using the wrong tools and techniques amounts to wasted time and money. But even worse is the risk of having patient data compromised, being fined for noncompliance, and being unable to conduct business following disruptive incidents.

Today, there’s a more efficient, more effective way to tackle the entwined and complex nature of the industry’s regulatory requirements, operational risks and cyber-threats.

The LockPath Keylight® Platform is an enterprise management system that enables healthcare organizations to:

  • Share large amounts of data used for compliance, risk management and audit preparation.
  • Foster better communication across the organization, thus increasing accountability.
  • Standardize business processes by automating the tasks that staff members rely on spreadsheets, network files, and email to complete.
  • Healthcare organizations can use Keylight to improve efficiency and effectiveness in four key areas: Policy and regulatory compliance, risk management, business associate and third-party risk assessment, audit management and incident response.

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