The Keylight® Platform
for Higher Education

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Keylight Platform for Higher Education

The following is an excerpt from the full data sheet.

Centralize your institution’s education compliance, risk management, auditing, incident reporting, and IT security.

Whether your institution is a 1,200-student private college or a 50,000-student state university, the responsibility of higher education compliance rests with many people working in multiple departments in various locations with increasing demands on their time. Often, these departments operate as siloed units with their own policies, processes, and IT networks. Thus, information sharing is a challenge.

There is a way to minimize the effort of compliance and risk management in education. The LockPath® Keylight® Platform helps institutions manage all facets of governance, compliance, risk management, and information security. Keylight can store essential activities, processes and information in a single database. What’s more, it’s a scalable platform that can be used by one department or across an entire institution.

The education sector can use Keylight to:

  • Create and manage policies across departments, business functions and campuses.
  • Provide a centralized location to search for and read the most relevant and up-to-date policies.
  • Collect information on HR violations, conflicts of interest, NCAA infractions, and campus and third-party safety matters.
  • Maintain a comprehensive view of your institution’s risk portfolio and control infrastructure.
  • Efficiently gather information and complete audit activities.
  • Minimize the risk of non-compliance with various regulations, such as Title IX, Clery Act, FERPA, FAR, DFAR, and ITAR.

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