The Keylight® Platform
for the Technology Sector

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Data Sheet

The following is an excerpt from the full data sheet.

The Lockpath® Keylight® Platform enables technology firms to efficiently manage organizational and information security risks, conduct and respond to audits, and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

The technology sector finds itself at the epicenter of cyber security and IT risk management. Not only do companies have to keep their systems and intellectual property secure, but the migration of software and services to the cloud means technology firms are more responsible for protecting customer data from hackers and breaches.

This added responsibility in the last several years has placed a greater compliance burden on the technology sector, from government regulators, industry standards and their customers. Like with most transformations within technology, this evolution has occurred rapidly and will continue to change quickly and regularly.

Adding to the complexity is the lack of financial resources and manpower the typical tech firm has to efficiently tackle proactive compliance and security. Point solutions and scanners are often brought in as temporary fixes to secure certain areas of their infrastructure or compliance program, however many firms lack the visibility into their risk posture as a whole.

Lockpath’s Keylight Platform enables technology companies to efficiently and effectively harmonize compliance, IT security and complete risk management practices into their existing business operations.

Manage risk

How do you increase the visibility of the risks your company faces when data is siloed? How do you communicate the complex and technical nature of certain risks to executives and board members and equate them to business strategy and return on investment?

The Keylight Platform provides a holistic picture of your organization’s risk posture, making it more visible throughout the organization.

Technology companies use the platform to centralize risk data, enabling them to break down data silos. This increases the visibility of information, leading to better communication and collaboration between departments.

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