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Manage IT risk efficiently and effectively with Keylight

IT impacts every department, so managing IT risk is an organizational priority. What’s more, IT risks are growing exponentially with the shift to digital and the rise in cybercrime. There is a lot at stake, including the company’s reputation.

Despite the threat from IT risks, companies still rely on spreadsheets and office applications for compliance and risk management activities. Managing IT risk is no longer strictly a technology challenge; it’s also a business challenge that requires collaboration and decision-making.

Managing IT risk efficiently and effectively by using the Keylight Platform. With Keylight, you can:

  • Store compliance mandates, policies, controls and more in a central location
  • Map controls to regulations, standards, even contracts
  • Create interactive dashboards with drill-down to supporting details
  • Import scanner data through 30 plus technology providers
  • Perform incident management, from root cause analysis to record-keeping
  • Link IT risks to business risks for an enterprise-wide view of risk
  • Collaborate across departments and levels of the organization

IT risks continue to grow as companies adopt digital processes. Keylight can not only help you meet the increased demand from IT risk but also bring efficiency and effectiveness to compliance and risk management activities.


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